Simple Ways to Grow Traffic on Your Blog and Website

Various simple ways to grow your new blog or existing blog abound so long you apply certain rules and principles. The key essence here is that you must be willing to devout much of your time and attention in attaining this goal. This post is in respect to my earlier article on How to grow your blog site I earlier publish. It also contain simple basic guide to also help in growing your blog and drive traffic.

I remember when I built this site, I was really downcast when I was getting less than 50 visitors daily, though I read many tactics and ways on getting it right on traffic online but decided its best I try it my own ways, even Rand Fishkin in his 21 tactics to increase blog traffic mention that it is easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with a significant traffic. I applied a different way from other bloggers and I made it to a certain level. I believe am still growing.

I had to write this post to make you see the need to own, develop and manage your club effectively. Many bloggers online will tell you follow certain steps without being realistic and besides do you really think they all tell the truth? I mean the secret of them getting higher traffic on their blogs? Well you may saw why am I different, it’s good to be real in your pursuit and make people trust your post, that you can gain huge followership. Just like what Stephanie chandler, CEO of publisher Authority Publishing says “It’s easy to get frustrated and just give up on blogging, but after reading this simple guide I think you would be able to well manage your blog and grow traffic on it.

Despite all the said difficulties, I believe you can still increase your blog traffic to certain level you want. As Napoleon hill said in his book think and grow rich, Dream it, see it, and you will have it. Thus if you apply the following below within a week I bet you will come asking for me. So take the following steps below;


When you intend to write a post I would advise you go for current and trending topics that are making ways, here I mean topics people will like to see, read and help in solving or manage their everyday problems. If you can write on these topics consistently, then you are on the go to attract huge traffic to your site.


As you venture into writing, I would suggest you install social media icons in your blog site and pages. Here you should always share and promote some of your post online through these means. This will instantly give you the much needed attention on online. Ask friends using Facebook to like your page. Go further by creating a page with your blog name in your Facebook and invite your friends through it to like your site.

For every unique post you write and publish try also to publish it through your created page on facebook. This method help boast my site traffic within days. I guess you too can try it.


As you write on your post, try to reference other authors or bloggers who may have written similar topic on what you are writing. Don’t try to copy their content but get the facts from what they are saying. You can see how I made reference to my earlier publish post and two other bloggers here. This helps bring link back to your site and in turn grow the much needed traffic for you.


Most bloggers fail to explain this to you when they mean by writing unique post content. Whenever you are ask to write a unique post content, it simply means writing an origin article or post never seen elsewhere online or written by anyone before. You can use simple plagiarism tools like copyscape  or smallseotools  to check for plagiarism after you finish writing it. With these methods you immediately check to see that your work is real and unique. Look around you and see everyday problems begging for answers which you can write on the internet for readers to get the best from.

When I discover this plagiarism tools and the need to apply for the adsense program, I started writing unique content as one of this.


Try writing with better titles on each of you post. This way will make you rank high on Google search lists. When you finish writing the article, try giving it a notable title that would stand out. Try putting it on the Google search engine, then if it appear on the net, you will find other similar ones with same heading with the one you intend to write, their you can change it and make yours stand out.

Finally, try writing frequently as it is a new blog and if an existing one, trying publishing twice or at least three times a week. Do researches on other people work and investigate trending topics that internet users would like to read.


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