2017 N-POWER Teach New Assessment Test Question for All Candidates – Click Here

The 2017 N-power Teach Assessment Test has started and the test online question has been change to accommodate more questions. Previous N-power Teach Assessment test were also done online but only 11 questions under 20minutes of which a device selection space is provided, but now the whole test questions formats has been modified to accommodate more question and more area which are computer incline, what is the new questions and how does this format look like? Please read more to find out below.

If you registered for the N-Power Teach recruitment and your BVN records match your application, please log in with your BVN and phone number to see when you are scheduled to write your own assessment test.


The long awaited N-Teach Online Assessment test starts today and a lot of candidates have started the online practice already. Please read and follow the instructions carefully as I spell them out here.

When you login, some of you may not be able to write your test today or immediately, please doesn’t panic. Some candidates are schedule to write their test at a future date and time in August 2017.

The new n-teach assessment test is structured into 4 various segments which i have outline for you below;


The N-Teach question is just a mix eleven (11) current affair and English objective questions to be answered under 20minutes.


The N-power Teach device question is only one question where you will be asked to select your preferred device.


The N-power STEEM test is divided into two as outline below

-Database, programming, Networking Relating Skills

-Animation, Graphic, CGI Related Skills

Candidates will be tested based on the selected additional skills they choose during their online application.

Some of you may be told that your BVN Validation is in process so we advice that you check back by Friday August, 11, 2017. For some others, you won’t be able to login or you will see the term “INVALID” because your BVN records don’t match your online application you submitted and this means that your application journey has come to an end.

For some others, you won’t be able to log in or you will see the term “INVALID” because your BVN records don’t match your application and your N-POWER application journey has come to an end.

Finally, For Those of You Who Ticked Certain Competency Skill when you were filling your online application test, you Will be required to take a second test, a STEM test.

Start your N-Teach Assessment test now by clicking online


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