N-POWER OCTOBER 2017 STIPEND: The Delay in the Payment – Alert will start coming by November 10, 2017

N-POWER OCTOBER 2017 DELAYED STIPENDS: The delay in the monthly payment of N-power stipends for the month of march has caused a lot of ripples down the spines of many volunteers who deem it as regrettable such a thing is happening to them and despite much promise of getting the stipends, nothing seems to be done as they are yet to get the stipends for October. Alert will be paid starting from today, November 10, 2017. What is the way out and why the delay, do we see them getting these stipends anytime soon, please find out more as you continue to read.


The October 2017stipends have come to be delayed due some technical hitches which was finally fixed last night and from today Friday, most nd if not all beneficiaries will get their alert. Please note that the N-power team sincerely apologies for this unfortunate incident and promise it will do all within its power never to have such occurrence.

We charge all volunteers to continue to take the N-power scheme seriously; they should be at their place of primary assignment and make sure they sign the attendance register manually. For now we are still trying to fix the online attending history with our service providers, when this is done, the process of checkmating those not in the done would be done.

For those making inciting and disrespectful comments on most of our official media handle, please refrain self from such behaviour. It could land you into trouble. Some have complained about the stipends, saying it’s too small but the truth is that you were all aware of the stipends and still further to apply. If you know it will not keep you body and soul gong, there would have been no need to apply as other jobs would have been waiting for you.

Make sure you make your attendance register manually at your place of primary assignment and always submit it to the head teach. For those volunteers still seeing their device on hold (except for those in N-Agro), please note that this action was taken after we noticed that you have not been attending to your place of primary assignment so you have to write a letter of apology through the head of your PPA via your state Focal person to us here at N-power. Only when this is done that the ‘hold’ action will be removed and you will be contacted via text on when to come get your device.

Like I said earlier, N-power beneficiaries will start receiving their delayed October 2017 stipends any moment from now. It may depend on your bank but by the time of filling this report to www.valentine202.com most volunteers might have gotten their alert.


Stayed N-powered!

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