www.npower.gov.ng: NPower Shortlisted Names 2017 – Check List of Successful Shortlisted Candidates

N-Power Shortlist 2017: This post is for all candidates who are expecting to see their names on the list of candidates given to all states local Government areas in order for them to commence the approved verification exercise which is the next stage of the 207 N-power Job Recruitment scheme.


The names of successful shortlisted candidates for the NPower job recruitment will be released by November 19, 2017. Please disregard any other publication on the purported release of the names by numerous dailies on the internet. The name is just a pre-selection list which will be authenticated when all the screening exercise has been concluded.

The names of shortlisted candidates have already been across the 36 states of the country through the 774 Local Government Ares. They will be directly supervise by the states orientation agency to see that screening days are conducted on each candidates selected. Each candidates selected for the seconda batch of the Npower job recruitment scheme will be notified via their various email address and phone number and they will be ask to commenced a physical verification exercise that will see they presenting three vita document;

  • A valid national identity card
  • Birth certificate ( i.e document that corroborates your age)
  • Proof of address of residence

The state item above will be required to ascertain your readiness to move into the next stage of the scheme which will definitely means the creation of personal profile on the NPVN portal.


The next stage for candidates after the physical verification exercise will be to set up your personal profile and you will be ask to visit the npvn portal at http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/   you will start by using your phone number and bvn details to create a login account with NPower where you will be directed to a personal dashboard on where you get further instructions. Please note that all candidates shortlisted will have to visit their state headquarters for constant update and be akin with their state focal person.

On the NPVN profile that you have created, please make sure you fill every details accurately, especially you bank account names and account number. These details should be similar and correspond to one another or no payment will be effected to you. When the list of successfully shortlisted candidates will be released, I ask you to still visit this post again and follow the detail instrctutions here. Remember, your personal details must be filled online and accurately. We believe Google bots, search engines and algorithms will move up this post to front page in SEO ranking so as to inform other candidates effectively.

Lastly, make use of the available social media handle to get other vital information and see that the only place to check the name of candidates that will be released by the NPower team will be on their website on www.npower.gov.ng we say congratulations to all candidates who will be seeing their names from next week to prepare and know it’s time to serve our fatherland!

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