Internet Connectivity: Nigeria now ranks eight in global Internet growth – Google

The emergence of the internet in the Nigeria market has taken a new dimension in Nigeria as the country has hit a all time high of 91 million internet users across the country, making it to rank first in Africa and eight in the world in terms of internet growth. The piece of information is coming from the internet search engine giant, Google. But how will this have any impact in the country especially in a time most people are crying “Recession’. Indeed Nigeria has the potential to grow into a greater nation.

This good news about Nigeria’s internet growth was made available to us here at by Google’s company’s Country Manager in Nigeria, Mrs. Juliet Ehimuan-Chibuzor on Friday, a day after the ‘Google for Nigeria’ event in Lagos.
She said, ‘with the massive internet growth in Nigeria, the momentum is now being felt in the entire African region, and we are using the opportunity to help people create innovative contents and grow their start-up ecosystem.
Google as an internet search engine giant have really aided the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the country. Many bloggers monetizing with adsense now earns monthly income in foreign currencies. For instance, YouTube is a platform for content creators to express themselves as well as grow their platforms. Today, we have about 12,000 partners monetizing their platforms in the country. Not forgetting women tech incubators who have also transformed women into taking initiatives online.

Speaking further to us at the ‘Google for Nigeria’ event in Lagos, Mrs. Juliet Ehimuan-Chibuzor stated that Google believes that digital entrepreneurship is a great way for Nigeria to create jobs.
She further added that “in 2016, Google announced plans to create free digital skills training for one million young Africans and over half of the number came from different regions in Nigeria.
From our own perspective, the rise in internet connectivity and growth in the country will continue to push ahead as most young Nigerians now see the internet as another means to make extra income and not forgetting easy access to the various social medias.



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