Access bank 2017 office admin, Trainee & internship Job Recruitment: Apply Here

The Access bank 2017 office admin, Trainee & internship Job Recruitment has commence online and all interested candidates and applicants are now called upon to apply now. You will have to follow the laid down requirements in order to make your application go well.

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February 2017: What You Need To Know About This Special Month in This Time of the Year

February 2017 is here again and there are some things you need to know about this year’s February as it comes with lots of special attachment to it. This February 2017 cannot come in your lifetime again. because, this year February has 4 Sundays, 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays and 4 Saturdays. This happens once every 823 years and it is called the money bags by the Chinese. But how special is this month and how would it bring you luck financially? Do you know that there was a February 30 in ancient times? Please continue and enjoy this post. I made it especially for you as my valentine gift.

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Npower Monthly Stipends and Payment Issues: How to resolve them and Get Paid –

I know a lot of Npower participants that were selected for the 1st batch of 200,000 candidates have been having payments issues even after they have been verified. It almost a month and yet they are yet to receive their monthly stipends of N30, 000. While some have receive the stipends for December 2016 and even the January 2017 stipends, some are yet to receive any and it’s so frustrating. I have receive a lot of calls and I felt sorry for most of them especially when you hear you have been disqualified or posted away from you residence or local government are. While am here to tell you how you can resolve this issue and get paid immediately.

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The fire is getting hot again in the University of Port Harcourt. In what look like a display of military might and a place that looks like a barrack post, the university of portharcourt in choba portharcourt has been turn into a barrack post due to the presence of large military personnel allege deployed by the vice chancellor of the school due to planned protest march being organized by the students of the school.just some few minutes ago, armed men were seen shooting tears gas at the popular choba junction which made various commuters, students and passenger nearby to run wild.

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How to Grow Traffic in Your New Blog or Website Site in Nigeria.

How to grow traffic in your new blog or website has become so problematic to many bloggers especially here in Nigeria who always delves in the fantasy that getting a blog or website and applying for Google adsense will make them rich. I know it’s not that easy getting traffic in your sites but there are a lot of proven strategies to help boast them and gain a lot of respect for your blog or website.

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Is President Muhammadu Buhari Dead or Alive: Detail Facts That Will Be Reveal to You Here

The internet has been awash within the past few days in Nigeria over the death of its president Muhammadu Buhari. The president was rumoured dead following an alleged fake UK Metro site report that the incident happened in Germany. Since then the internet pages of most blogs and daily newspapers in Nigeria have been making headlines with the perceive death of President Muhammadu Buhari. But is really dead or alive? Here you will read the detail facts.

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U.S President Donald Trump Executive Order: The Detail Facts of the Acts

U.S President Donald Trump has issued several Executive Orders that are making the world and its inhabitants feel cold running down their span. They now realize that Donald trump is bent on fulfilling most of its campaign promises. Every US president dating back to its first President George Washington has used executive orders in some way or the other. Even Barack Obama used executive orders to bypass resistant lawmakers.

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President Donald Trump Executive Order to Ban 2 Year Visa for Nigerians

The newly elected U.S President Donald Trump executive order has come to stay and it will have to ban Nigerians being issue with a two year ban into the United States. This means that a Nigerian applying for a US visa will not be issued a two year visa, but instead a one year validity visa. What does this portrays for you and I especially the business class, tourist and Nigerian international students. Here I have detail some of the facts you need to know.

[Read more…] Rivers state Npower Programme Related issues and Updates

Rivers state Npower programme related issues and latest update is what I want to bring to you here. This may be exclusive for rivers state Npower participants but other states related issues will be updated here as we get first class information and witness. so even if you are not an Npower participant in River state learn from the post below and other matters arising from the Npower programme.


The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) List of successful shortlisted candidates for all applicants that applied for the NBTE recruitment for 2016 has been released. The national board for technical education, otherwise known as NBTE is a board of education which supervises, regulates and oversees educational programmes offered by technical institutions at secondary, polytechnic and monotechnic levels through an accreditation process.

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