N-POWER OCTOBER 2017 STIPEND: The Delay in the Payment – Alert will start coming by November 10, 2017

N-POWER OCTOBER 2017 DELAYED STIPENDS: The delay in the monthly payment of N-power stipends for the month of march has caused a lot of ripples down the spines of many volunteers who deem it as regrettable such a thing is happening to them and despite much promise of getting the stipends, nothing seems to be done as they are yet to get the stipends for October. Alert will be paid starting from today, November 10, 2017. What is the way out and why the delay, do we see them getting these stipends anytime soon, please find out more as you continue to read.

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www.npower.gov.ng: How to Plan and Manage your N-Power Monthly Stipends of N30, 000

Managing the N30, 000 Monthly Stipends for N-power Beneficiaries: The above sum is paid monthly to all beneficiaries under the Social investment programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the N-Power Empowerment schemes. These sum is paid  directly into bank account of beneficiaries to assist in their daily financial expenses well as upkeep but will this last for long and how best can you manage this stipend knowing how little it is. Here I will explain in detail how best you can manage the monthly stipends, there empowering self and save guarding your future.

N-power stipend

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