Verification and Screening of Selected N-power Successful Shortlisted Candidates –

Npower verification and screening

Verification and screening of selected shortlisted candidates for the npower programme has commenced across the country and it is best you know what is happening at present and avail yourself if you are shortlisted and if you are still waiting for the second list coming out soon you can also read this post so as to know what to present during your verification and screening. So it beat you read through this post below;

The verification and screening has commenced and I taught this was a joke at first until I had to visit one of the local government canters here in Rivers state to ascertain things for myself. You must have been trying to login and see/read important updates about the npower verification and selection online but to no avail. The whole process is been handle now by focal persons selected by the npower officials for the various states and they will handle the verification and selection process.


Please be rest assured that npower second list will be shortlisted soon. Those in npower knowledge, npower software/hardware and npower build will be included in the shortlist. That those that mean those in npower tech, community and agro will also be shortlisted. So I enjoin you to get ready and prepare for your own verification and selection coming soon so take a clue from this post.

Pleas if you miss the npower online aptitude test don’t expect your name to be shortlisted in the second batch. Only those that took the online test and were successful will be shortlisted.


The npower screening has started and it is now done in all local government areas across the country. Please tell those you know that they are to report to their place of residence local council area. i.e where you reside, the local government area is where you will go for your screening and verification. Please don’t rush to your state of origin residence.


The npower verification is also in force for all candidates shortlisted. You will need to take the following items for your verification;

  • A valid identification
  • Local Government letter of origin
  • Birth certificate or age declaration
  • University degree
  • NYSC discharge or Exception Letter
  • A Printer copy of where you name fall online

During the verification exercise at the local government headquarters across the country, npower officials will ask you the following simple questions to ascertain you are the one shortlisted by asking for your valid id card first.

Then you will be ask to mention the following in this order;

  • LGA of Origin
  • State of Origin
  • Age
  • Degree either or B.eng or B.ed
  • Place of Primary Assignment during your NYSC service days.

Also please it is advisable to change your login password from your surname since this is known by all and may be stolen by some miscreants. So click here now to login: change your password.

Once in your portal page, please select change password and type your new password. You will be asked to retype it again. After that click update and your new password is save and done. Please make sure the new password you have selected is one you can remember.

I wish you the very best as you complete this verification and screening exercise. This will qualify you for the next stage of posting to your place of primary assignment. So wait and always login to your portal to check where you have been posted to do your assignment.

I hope you find this post interesting and informative, please feel free to share to friends and the very best I wish you.


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