Contract Staff in Nigeria – How to Succeed as a Contract Staff in any Nigerian Bank

Nigerian Banks and Contract Staff: The issue of contract employment n the Nigerian Labour market has became so common that even the financial institutions are not left out. Our banks today account for over 20 – 25% of contract staffs in the labour force. Who is really a contract staff and how can one succeed in it find out below as you continue to read below. [Read more…]

Ways of Avoiding Crowds at Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Locations in Nigeria

Automated Teller Machine  issues: Ways of avoiding crowds at Automated Teller Machine popularly called ATM in Nigeria has continued to be a headache especially as the festive season draw near. You may be eager to withdraw your funds from the bank or at the ATM but due to the ever increasing crowds at the various locations of the ATM across the country you will find it hard to withdraw. Nevertheless, I have outline some simple ways for you to follow in order to avoid that crowd at the ATM this period.

[Read more…] How to Plan and Manage your N-Power Monthly Stipends of N30, 000

Managing the N30, 000 Monthly Stipends for N-power Beneficiaries: The above sum is paid monthly to all beneficiaries under the Social investment programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the N-Power Empowerment schemes. These sum is paid  directly into bank account of beneficiaries to assist in their daily financial expenses well as upkeep but will this last for long and how best can you manage this stipend knowing how little it is. Here I will explain in detail how best you can manage the monthly stipends, there empowering self and save guarding your future.

N-power stipend

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Structured Settlement: How to sell a Structured Settlement and make money from it

Structured settlement can be described as a legal settlement and can be seen to earn you money if well applied. A structured settlement is a legal settlement paid out over time, usually through an annuity. They are usually intended to help pay for medical bills and make living with injuries from an accident easier to manage. It is a comforting, predictable income. So how do you make money from this investment, here I will explain more.

[Read more…] How to Register for Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS)

The Federal Government in Nigeria has commenced the online registration of its workers in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) under the Federal Civil Service in order to fish out ghost workers and enhance credibility in payment efficiency.


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A lot of investment scam now exists around us and each one of us like the idea of investing and making some returns.  It is said that each year, an estimated £1.2bn Pounds is lost to investment scam. Everybody hopes to find a great investment, but nobody wants to be the victim of scam. Unfortunately, the more glittery the investment offer the greater the returns and this is what is promise to many victims who have been involve in one form of scam or the other. Here I will tell you how to identify one and avoid involving self.

        scam alert yellow sign – rectangle sign

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History and Meaning of the Nigerian Naira: Symbol, Sign And Worth

Many people today make use of the Nigerian Naira but don’t know its history as well as the various signs, symbols and it worth. The official currency, currently used in Nigeria is called the Nigerian Naira, which was subdivided into 100 Kobo. This is a master class of writing and in this article I will discuss with you about the history, symbol, sign and worth of the Nigerian currency- the Naira and Kobo

Nigerian currency notes

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Simple Steps to a Better Financial Security

                      Financial security

Do you know that having a better financial security have been a fair understanding for you and all, and I guess you have imagine it for some time now? It is true that everyone desire to be financially independent and self reliant but some fail to follow certain simple steps to financial security. But what is financial security and how do you think you can achieve this. Her I will explain to you.

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What Is Insurance Policy and How to Go About It

I know in Nigeria today, the word insurance sound so plain. Not everyone knew about and or what the insurance policy is talking about. We have various form of insurance policy especially here in Nigeria and I think you may not be aware of anyone. But come to think of it, you need an insurance policy or cover if you want the very best out from life and its best you read this post more to find out in details what it an insurance policy and how to go about it.

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Mortgage System and the Mortgage Industry in the USA

The mortgage system and the mortgage industry have come to stay in the financial world. Infact mortgage business is a thriving business in the world today; it has made many rich and even owners of big houses, estate and other properties of note. But what is mortgage all about and what do you really know about it. In your country, is there anything like mortgage scheme or mortgage loans? I will lie to give you a brief run down on what the subject matter is all about.

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