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How to recognize a stroke: causes and prevent techniques to follow

Stroke – Causes and Prevention: How to recognize the sign of stroke disease has now become a topical issue, hence the need to know its causes and prevention steps to follow is inevitable as one age by. This happen to someone close to me so I had to make a research on the subject matter and ask you to read and now the full details about it.How to recognize a stroke: causes and prevent techniques to follow [Read more…]

What is Mesothelioma and Basic Facts you need to know.

Mesothelioma: Many of you will be confused about the subject matter but as you continue to read you will get the full gist. Mesothelioma has continued to be a confusing word to many and if not well explain may continue to confuse many and you. This words continue to compare the eyes and attention of the world, especially blogger who continue to dig dip on getting the main facts about it, but what is this keyword mesothelioma all about and what facts can be learn from it. Here I will explain in clear term for you to understand.

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Simple Ways to Cure Bad Breath: A Step By Step Guide

  Simple Ways to Cure Bad Breath: A Step By Step Guide is meant for you to follow and its best you share it among friends on the social media to assist in combating this ugly trend.

Bad breadth can be an embarrassment for everyone especially if you are the type that go out always and associate with many people. If you are a businessman, chances are bound that you may come in contact with clients and would be customers. Daily tooth brushing along with flossing are the most important actions you can take to cure bad breath.

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www.portal.nmcn.gov.ng: Professional Update Form for Registered Nurses and Midwives 2017 – Register here

Professional Update Form for Registered Nurses and Midwives: This is an enlightenment article for all registered nurses and midwives in the country. The nursing council of Nigeria has ask all registered nurses and midwives to come for their professional update form which will be used for payment purposes. But how do you go about it and what steps do you follow, please continue to read to find out to register online.


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5 Ways to Deal with Stomach Ulcers and Chest Pain: Prevention and Treatment -A Personal Diary of Valentine202

This is a classic article about stomach ulcers and chest pains as I write to bring you a personal detail about two of health institutions dreaded illness. Stomach ulcers and chest pains have continued to affect millions of people around the world and yet no one seems to find out how this medical illness has come to affect us all. Here I will give a personal detail account of the subject matter and how I personally overcome it with the simple ways I will outline for you below as you continue to read.

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Body Itching After Bath; cause and solutions

Body Itching After Bath

This Post was updated today July 3, 2018 after i discover new solutions to the above problems.
Ever wonder what this problem is all about or you must have gone through this ordeal or currently experiencing it. It is indeed a horrible experience and so embracing and discomforting. I decided to write this post base on personal experience and for the simple fact that millions are suffering from this problem after taking their bath necessitated me to write this well articulated article. It has been with me since over ten years and I can’t remember when last I use a sponge to take a bath, because if I do, that will smell hell for me for the itching will be aggravated and I will have to bear the itching for up to 15-20 minutes!

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