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History of Christmas; The Birth Of Jesus Christ, December 25th

The history of Christmas, Christianity symbol of Christ birth is celebrated annually worldwide every December 25th. So many don’t know the true history and the nature of the birth of Jesus Christ and thus the true meaning and history of Christmas. Here in our award winning site and as always I have decided to bring to you the true history of Christmas.


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The history of the Ancient Town of Gaanda

The history of the ancient town: The history of the ancient town of Gaanda has been hidden for years until when the mandatory National youth service scheme took me to serve my fatherland in this quiet but peaceful community.it was fun and i bet you will also share your experience here

No one will believe that this little peaceful village called Gaanda ever existed. God in his infinite wisdom created beautiful site scenes in Gaanda and made rocks and stones abound every where. Infact, when we arrive we called Gaanda the LAND OF STONES!

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