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Ilha da Queimada Grande: A habitated Island in Brazil full of snakes as inhabitants

An island in Brazil has so many snakes that humans aren’t allowed on it — and it’s the stuff of nightmares : About 25 miles off the coast of Brazil, there is an island called Ilha da Queimada Grande where no local would ever dare tread. Legend has it that the last fisherman who strayed too close to its shores was found days later adrift in his own boat, lifeless in a pool of blood. Please read more to get educated about this exciting island.Ilha da Queimada Grande: A habitated Island in Brazil full of snakes as inhabitants [Read more…]

The River of Five Colors: Cano Cristales, Colombia South America

The River of Five Colors – In Colombia, Rio Cano Castales, or the ‘river of five colors’, is a special place where for a brief period of time every year when the conditions are just right, the river explodes with vibrant colours your eyes won’t believe. During the short span between the wet and dry season, when the water level is just right, a unique species of plant that lines the river floor called Macarenia clavigera turns a brilliant red. It is offset by splotches of yellow and green sand, blue water, and countless shades in between.The River of Five Colors: Cano Cristales, Colombia South America [Read more…]

How to Apply for a Nigerian International Passport – Requirements & Procedures for Registration

How to Apply for a Nigerian International Passport – This post is about how you as a Nigerian or a foreigner can apply and get a Nigerian international passport easily. The post is a detailed one and has received A+ rating on the internet for easy explanation. It is a must for you and I guess you will like it.How to Apply for a Nigerian International Passport - Requirements & Procedures for Registration [Read more…]

Happy New Year 2018: Five simply ways to start the New Year in Grand Style – Follow the steps outline here

Happy New Year 2018: we wish our readers, especially you who have been following us a happy new year. The New Year usually comes with funfair and intrigues on a number of things mostly notably New Year resolutions. The urge and the need to begin the year in a brand new fashion and make amends for the many deeds and mistakes of the previous year hunts that we are all eager to push into the New Year. Here I will explain in details five simple ways you can start this New Year in grand style as you read more below.


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End of the Year Celebrations: Five things to do before the year comes to an End

Act Before the year ends: The year is almost coming to an end and its best you we all start planning for the New Year. We all had our resolutions but how far have we gone and how far have they are fair? As we all get set to kiss the outgoing year good bye, it is best w e extra the events in our lives that will reshape the New Year and brace up. So I have outline five important things to do before the year comes to an end. So read below to find out more.

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Christmas Holiday Season: 5 Safety Tips to note when Travelling for the Christmas

Christmas Travelling Tips: The Christmas holiday has come again and many people will be travelling to various destinations to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas holiday. I know you will not be left out as you have already made plans and arrange for the Christmas season regarding travelling but how do you plan for it so as to avoid so many pitfalls associated with travelling this period, here I will explain to you the tip s to take and follow in order to avoid disaster. Please read them carefully and follow the instructions.

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Christmas Holiday: Five simply ways to spend and enjoy your Christmas season and holiday

How to spend the Christmas Holiday: The time for celebrations all over the world has come again and here many people will be going for Christmas vacation and holiday. It can be personal or taking along the whole family but what matters is spending your time and having a good time this season, here I will tell you how to spend and enjoy your Christmas season ad holiday as you read further.


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Halloween’s Day: The History and Myths behind the Festival and Celebrations of all Witches Night.

Halloween Day, October 31st, 2017: Halloween’s Day is a festival celebrated annually on every October 31st night around the world especially in America and Europe. But how did this event go so popular that it is been celebrated around the world with so much passion and funfair? Is it really an all witches affair? Is it pagan or Christian in nature and why are children involve in the celebrations? Here as always we tend to give you the best explanation on the subject matter and we present this classic article on the subject matter, Halloween’s day!

 October 31st Halloween's day

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The little island of Guam- The US island territory North Korea plan to target with its medium range missiles.

North Korea said it would complete plans by the middle August 2017 to fire four intermediate – range missiles over Japan to land near the US pacific island territory of Guam, but the US said if such happen, the North will be surprise at its deadly strikes. This could mean world war three and the start of a nuclear war, but what is Guam and where is this tiny island nation located? Here I will tell you.

Map location of Guam

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Eid-el-Kabir day Here in Nigeria: Happy Sallah day-September 1, 2017- Significance of Eid-el-Kabir day

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar has declared Friday, September 1 as Sallah day. The declaration followed the sighting of the new moon of Dhul-Hijja on Tuesday August 22. The Sultan also urged Muslims all in the country to engage in continuous prayers for the development and progress of the country and the world at large.

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