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Charging mistakes that damage your phone & how to avoid them

Charging mistakes that may damage your phone; This post was updated today being December 06, 2017 due to the demands of you our readers over the subject matter. Charging mistakes that may damage your phone have became so common these days that individuals don’t appear to cope with it. Before you’re thinking, your phone is over heated and may be damage. Here I actually have define some common charging mistakes.

I feel i have the need to do a brief write up and here i have explain in the simplest term the various charging mistakes you may go through while charging your phones.

  1. Charging to 100%: charging your phone to full 100% isn’t the most effective way. I do know this may come as a surprise to you. Experts suggest that charging your phone between 30-80% is the best. Therefore stop charging your phone all night but instead choose shorter period to charge your phone.
  2. Allowing your phone to die: charging your battery on time is the best and don’t allow it to die before you start charging it again. Li batteries become volatile after they change posture to low power, therefore you must avoid obtaining that “low battery”.3. Overheating the Phone: don’t charge your phone until it is over heated. However it’s still vital. You will have noticed that your phone is annoyingly sluggish once it’s been sitting out at the sun. That’s as a result of your Phone batteries being heated up in small temperatures. Try g your set to a certain level and remove from it when you notice it has become warm.
  3. Excessive use of wireless charger: charging your phone with wireless charger will increase it rate of discharge. It is advisable you follow the simple rules of not charging your set when the phone goes down.
  4. Using incorrect Charger: charging your phone with the right charger will make charging quicker and efficient. Don’t use another charger to charge your phone and most importantly, don’t use usb cord to charge your pone, it will only make it charge for some few minutes and after that it discharges immediately.

Lastly giving your phone a good charging is the best secret to longer battery life and a healthier phone. so apply the ideas above and make that phone last long for you.

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