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Christmas Comet December 2018: How to See the Bright Green Light

Christmas Comet December 2018: How to See the Bright Green Light – Here’s How to See the Brightest Comet of 2018 This Weekend as this flying comets which appears on the sky every December will glow its shining green light for all to see. but when will it appear and will it be visible for you to see, find out below.

comet 46P/Wirtanen

This year, whether you have a “you,” or a mom who’s willing to wait on the Supreme line for that variety jacket you want, the universe is offering you a little something special for the holidays (that cannot be found on Amazon): a green-glowing “Christmas comet,” that will shine brighter when it passes Earth on Sunday, December 16 and 23, than it will for the next 20 years.

According to Astronomy database, Sky & Telescope, the shooting space rock spans 1.2-kilometers (about three quarters of a mile) in width, and it’ll pass by Earth from a mere 7.5 million miles away. Seven and a half million may sound like a lot, but it’s actually about 30 times the distance between the Earth and the moon, and if you recall, you can see the moon. Like, pretty clearly. This is about as close as comets will ever get to our stratosphere, so naturally, the views will be great.

For us plebes without specialty telescopes, most comets aren’t actually visible at all — but because this Grinch-comet is passing so close to Earth, it’s a special case. It’ll be completely visible to the naked eye. According to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, Comet 46P/Wirtanen has already been declared the sky’s brightest comet at this point in time, so it’s clearly one to get outside and see for yourself.

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