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EYOWO Tradermoni Payment: How to reset eyowo PIN & Resolve Invalid Password Issue

How to reset eyowo PIN & Resolve Invalid Password Issue: This post is for those who want to apply for the Tradermoni loan. It will require you download and use the eyowo payment app which is use for the Tradermoni payment. So are you having problem of invalid password on your eyowo mobile wallet? You can actually reset eyowo PIN and resolve issue of invalid password once and for all. This post below will guide you more.

eyowo payment and tradermoni loan

If you need to know your eyowo access pin, you will need to dial the code *4255#, but we’ve received complaint recently that the code wasn’t working. That could be due to network problem on the part of eyowo app.

In a situation whereby your pin isn’t working, particularly for the beneficiaries of tradermoni collateral-free loan, you’d find this guide useful.

Before that, if you’re finding it difficult to transfer your tradermoni from eyowo app to your bank account, a great way to get that done is by transferring using the browser option.

If you’re reading this for the first time:Eyowo allows for payments with a phone number.

What is eyowo

Eyowo is a digital mobile money solution that enables you receive and send money by simply dialing a USSD code without internet connection, with internet connection, you can use the App or go online directly, whichever one you found convenient.

The point is: A phone that can send SMS is what you need to use eyowo.

Origin of the name “eyowo”

The name, eyowo, has a Yoruba origin, it is a traditional form of commodity money that is popular and accepted as a form of payment for goods and services before the invention and legalisation of fiat money.

Popularity of eyowo mobile wallet in Nigeria

Though eyowo has its strengths and weaknesses, but we found the mobile payment solution as one of the breakthroughs of financial technology (fintech) in Nigeria.

Eyowo has been around for some months, but gains popularity during the launch of Federal Government’s collateral free loan scheme tradermoni for petty traders in Nigeria.

Since most of the petty traders don’t have bank account, the best solution for them is: mobile wallet, eyowo comes in handy.

To withdraw money from your eyowo wallet simply dial *4255# and follow the on the screen instruction.

Two major reasons why you may not be able to cash out your money from eyowo mobile wallet

  1. When you get invalid MMI error code
  2. If you forget your PIN

When you get invalid MMI error code

Eyowo USSD code (*4255#) hasn’t been working for so many people who have received their tradermoni fund (N10,000). The error most of those who dialed the code got is: “connection problem or invalid MMI code

When you get the above error message it means you can’t take further action or withdraw your money.


If you keep getting this error message it could be due to poor service or traffic on the eyowo system considering the number of people dialing the same code the same time.

But we hope the company works to expand its strength to accommodate large number of people if it’s to serve the common people.

If you forget your PIN

The second reason why you may not be able to cash out your tradermoni from eyowo app is if you forget your PIN.

How to reset eyowo PIN

how to reset password

Step 1: If you’re a browser then login through app.eyowo.com/login

Step 2: Enter your phone number

Step 3: Click on forget PIN

Step 4: Enter your recovery phone number (which is your own phone number)

Step 5: Enter the new code sent you and reset your eyowo PIN

If you having issue with your eyowo PIN

Confirm that you are having an invalid or incorrect PIN issue.

Reach out to Eyowo:

  1. You can do so via:Social media: @myeyowo on Instagram or Facebook and @eyowoon Twitter
  2. Email: support@eyowo.com
  3. Phone number: 01-700 1520
  4. Allow for a maximum of 24 hoursto get a response to PIN-related issues.

Sum up:

We urge you to keep your login details safe and continue to enjoy a seamless mobile payment solution.

EYOWO Tradermoni Payment

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