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The history of the Ancient Town of Gaanda

The history of the ancient town: The history of the ancient town of Gaanda has been hidden for years until when the mandatory National youth service scheme took me to serve my fatherland in this quiet but peaceful community.it was fun and i bet you will also share your experience here

No one will believe that this little peaceful village called Gaanda ever existed. God in his infinite wisdom created beautiful site scenes in Gaanda and made rocks and stones abound every where. Infact, when we arrive we called Gaanda the LAND OF STONES!

I did my mandatory National Youth Service Corp; NYSC in ADAMAWA STATE. The local government is Gombi council area and the village is GAANDA. I set foot on Adamawa soil on August 12th 2009 in which I traveled from Port Harcourt with my girlfriend to Enugu in order to get a bus at the popular 9th mile to Yola. I eventually got a bus (young shall grow) around 6:35pm but it was attachment as I stood from 9th mile to yola. It was a hilarious experience for me as I so full of fears not only for self but for my girlfriend who had to return back to PHC that same evening. She however got to her sister place at owerri by midnight after passing through ‘devilish’ routes.


I arrive camp late and had to be on my home dress to register and do all necessary procedures for the camp registration. I even took the NYSC oath on a mufti cloth while others put on the beautiful NYSC crested dresses. I was not alone in this guest as I later meet kasim, henry and Kelvin. We instantly forge an alliance and made the camp so sweet for us. I was in platoon 3. My Gaanda experiences can be found in my other articles titled my Gaanda dreams!!! Check on the internet and have fun. Below is an outline history of the village I serve….my lovely Gaanda!


Gaanda occupies the rocky heights of northern Adamawa, west of Gombi LGA of Adamawa state, north east Nigeria. Their original home was ‘Hur Ganda”. They claim to have migrated from the east (Ga’anan) to the west led by their sacred pot, Ngum Ngumi. The people of Ga’anda settled at Gabun, Boga, Dingai, Mwakwar Mountain and Gaanda. It has been estimated that the people of Gaanda migrated to Gombi in 1844 though some believe they have been there longer than that.


The population of Gaanda and the surrounding villages is predicted to be about thirty-three thousand (55,000).


Majority of the dwellers are farmers with very few doing petty trading.


The local dialect of the people of Gaanda is ga’anda and fulfide, while only few speak Hausa and English.


Majority of the inhabitant are known to be Christians and only few are Moslems.


The land of Ga’anda, like other communities have some idol-worshippers. However they believe in a creator referred to as Farta and sees the other gods like Ngum Ngumi, Fingdohata, Diphera and Kru before whom oaths could be taken to settle serious disputes.


The major diseases in Ga’anda are leprosy, fever, tuberculosis, ulcer, Dysentery etc which are now in low proportions. Snake and scorpion bites are common during the hot season.But the wet season are always heavy with heavy thunderstorm and ligtheneing.sometimes rain drops appears to be hail falling on roof tops.


There are about three primary schools and one secondary school in the area. There is a solar bore-hole, electricity and a church (LLCN) and a central mosque.


I left Gaanda after my service year ended by JUNE 24, so after my professional NIM-Nigerian Institute of Management examinations of which I came out successful, I finally depart the quite village of Gaanda by JULY 7th 2010 to Port Harcourt. It was indeed a trilling unforgettable experience for me as I will forever live to remember my stay in Gaanda and Adamawa state in general. As I boarded the bus I made a promise with corper Kasim to one day again return to gaanda.

That promise came to past when by sept 29th 2011 I visited Gaanda again and stayed for almost a week. This time I visited other villages most notably Gabun, Fotta, Kanjara, Garkida, etc. in another dramatic development again I visited Gaanda, Adamawa state by March 21st 2012 and stayed only three night. I don’t know when I will ever visit their again but it will be in a tourist and picnic style. May God help Gaanda cos I will never forget my experience living in that community.



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