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How to Apply For AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Loan Programme -www. ayeen.ng/ayeen-2019-registration/

This post will tell you more on how to Apply For AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Loan Programme via the portal www. ayeen.ng/ayeen-2019-registration/ as well as for the 2019 AYEEN programme online. Read more below.


Do you need AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Loan Programme? – Here is how to apply for 2019 AYEEN Financial Grants. I know you are wondering how to go about it, that is why I will guide you on how to apply for the ongoing AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Loan Programme.

After reading this publication, you will see how you can register and then kick start your desired project.

The A.Y.E Trust Fund 2019 Loan Programme is for business start up and others.

With AYEEN Financial Grants, Entrepreneurs can now heave a sigh of relief as A.Y.E Trust Fund gives access to non-interest and non-collateral loans in 59 seconds.

Note: Before you can get access to A.Y.E Trust Fund loan, you have to create account online with them.

AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Benefits

  • Access to zero interest loans
  • Access to loan with no collateral and no paperwork
  • Loan approval in about 59 seconds
  • Access to Purchase Order Power of up to N20,000.00
  • Free Business Advisory
  • Free Legal Advisory and so much more

So now let’s go straight to the main thing here about how to get A.Y.E Trust Fund loans to fix your pressing needs and the duration you are expected to pay back.

I know the question running on your mind is “Will I bring collateral before I will be lendeed this money?”. I have good answers to that questions, you will only know it if you continue reading this guide.

Here are the types of loan system Fidelity Bank operates and their interest rates for all Nigerian customers:

How to Apply For AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Loan Programme

Here is steps to get AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 on A.Y.E Trust Fund:

  1. Sign up on A.Y.E Trust Fund and choose a Trust Plan
  2. Grow your trust network: Invite your friends, family, colleagues, to be a part of the trust network. These are people that will be willing to release their TFPs and give their TRUST for your loan request.
  3. Become a qualified A.Y.E Trust Member: To become a qualified trust member you have to:
    • Be on the platform contributing for 12 weeks consecutively
    • OR
    • Deposit 12 weeks worth of contributions upfront into your account on the platform.
  4. Request a loan and enter the amount you need (The loan amount you enter will determine how many TFP’s will be required for the loan approval).
  5. Request for the required TFPs (Trust Fund Pin) of other qualified trust members i.e your friends, family , colleagues or other members that trust you.
  6. Enter the TFP’s into the system and the loan will be approved in 59 seconds.
  7. Loan is paid into your registered account , set up your account by clicking on Profile Setting.
  8. Note: AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Loan Application is between 9am to 6pm (Weekdays Only)

How to open AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Loan Trust Fund account?

Opening AYEEN Financial Grants 2019 Loan Programme Trust Fund account is free and easy. kindly follow the steps here to open an account:

  1. Visit: www.ayetrustfund.org then on the Home Page, click on the sign up button.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to agree.
  3. Enter your details and click on the sign up button.
  4. Choose a Trust Fund category and register.

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