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How to Get Quick Loans For NYSC Members- www.portal.empowerthecorps.ng

CreditDirect- Quick Loans for Corps Members: Do you know you can get quick loans as a corps member to finance small businesses, professional application, and commercial and lifestyle product. This quick gives you between N50, 000 – N100, 000 to help set up any business of your choice. Find out below how to get this quick loan from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

How to Get Quick Loans For NYSC Members- www.portal.empowerthecorps.ng

The Empowering the Corps (ETC) Programme was developed by Credit Direct Limited to cater for the financial needs of the Youth Corps Members while in service to our great country – Nigeria.

Over the years, we have identified various challenges faced by our Corps Members;

  • The struggles associated with settling into places of posting;
  • The hassle with securing start-up capital for small businesses and enterprises;
  • The difficulty in trying to obtaining trainings and certifications for career advancements which will give them competitive advantage in life after service; and
  • The harshness of unemployment after the 12 months compulsory service to our country Nigeria.

Credit Direct Limited, in partnership with the National Youth Service Corps (through SAED), have created various financial packages aimed at aiding Corps Members to solve these recurring dilemma which they find themselves in.

These packages have been tailored for Corps Members to;

·         ACHIEVE MORE

Corps Members can achieve Whatever they want during the course of their service year by ensuring that they have access to quick and affordable credit facilities through Credit Direct;


Corps Members will never be bogged down with paying back heavy loans as our packages are affordable and light to repay;

·         BE covered by micro-insurance

Corps Members are covered by micro-insurance in case of mishaps which may occur during the service year;

·         Advance their careers

Corps Members can dutifully plan their future by obtaining financial aid to advance their careers or become entrepreneurs from a very early stage

The four (4) tailored packages under the ETC Programme


This package is tailored to assist Corps Members registered under the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED). With this package, Corps Members can easily obtain seed capital to start up small businesses which can generate income and also create employment opportunities around them.


This package is tailored for Corps Members who want to buy various products like household goods, white goods, other electronics, income generating assets (generators, freezers, grinding machines etc.). This product ensures that Corps Members get good prices and delivery of goods right to their doorstep.


This package creates opportunities for Corps Members who want career advancements to access discounted and affordable training from renowned and professional trainers across Nigeria. It helps Corps Members obtain that additional advantage that increases employment opportunities after the service year.


Where all other three packages do not meet your need, simply apply for a Cash package which allows you to solve all other financial obligations.

To be eligible to apply for any of our packages is as simple as:

1.  Join ETC Social Network

Join ETC Social Networking Platform by creating your profile. Join here with a username and password

2.  Register on ETC Portal

Log on to ETC Portal and register your information. Register Here

3.  Required Documentation

Ensure all required documentations are complete;

  • NYSC ID Card
  • Valid ATM Card (must be valid throughout service year)
  • Attestation Form from SAED (if you desire a Biz-Starter Package)
  • Clearly written and signed Letter of Undertaking by Corps Member showing signature and date
  • Clear passport photograph (Face and shoulders only)
  • Clear photograph of yourself in Full NYSC Regalia
  • PPA Posting letter

4.  Apply for a package

When all above are in place, proceed to apply for your desired package.

Tidbits to Note:

  • Available tenors for all loans at any point in time cannot exceed the number of months remaining for your Service Year to end.
  • For Biz-Starter applicants requesting for loan amounts greater than N45,000 to a maximum of N100,000 a SAED Attestation Form will be needed to process your application. This SAED Attestation Form can be gotten from the SAED coordinator in your states. Please call 01 – 4482225 for more enquiries
  • Defaulters run the risk of having their NYSC discharge certificates withheld until they complete repayment of the loans taken.


Empowering the Corps (ETC) is a product developed to provide seed capital to NYSC Members to establish their businesses immediately after their SAED training, to provide financial services to Youth Corps Members to acquire assets and obtain professional certifications. The process below:

  • eRegistration and Authentication of Corp Members
  • Profiling and Activation of Corp Members
  • Loan Application and Approvals
  • Loan Disbursement and Repayment


To apply, click on the link below and follow the instruction by creating an account first.


As long as you are an active and serving Corps Members under the NYSC, the ETC programme is for you. No matter your local government or state within Nigeria, you can apply for any of these packages



The ETC programme is for all serving Corps Members!



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