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How to report your bank to CBN when displeased- valentine202.com

How to report your bank to CBN when displeased- valentine202.com: Bank customers face different challenges with their deposits daily which could be related to cash and electronic transactions or other related matters. It can be very annoying and disturbing when your lodge your complaint to your bank without getting response, or feel you are being cheated. you can report them to the highest authority by following the steps outline below.


While the banks play a relevant role in helping to keep your deposits with them asides other financial roles they perform, there could be hitches in services rendered.

You don’t have to give up if you are having challenges sorting out that problem with your account because there are other approaches that you could still take.

There are reliable ways to address your grievances against your bank or other financial institutions which are being regulated by the Central Bank.

According to the CBN, these are reliable ways to address some of your bank problems.

Contact your institution first

The CBN has directed all banks to expand their existing ATM help desk to handle all types of consumer complaints.

Therefore, if you have a complaint against your bank, you must first report the complaint at the bank/branch where the issue originated and then allow two weeks (it might be less in some banks) for the issue to be resolved.

What to do if your bank fails to resolve your complain

If after lodging your complaint your bank still fails to engage you and resolve the complaint within two weeks as provided for in the ATM help desk circular, you have the right to escalate your complaint to the Consumer Protection Department of the CBN.

Consumer Protection Department

According to the CBN, you can only direct your complaints to the CPD upon the failure of your bank/financial institution to resolve your complaint within the two weeks timeline given by the CBN.

You can contact the CPD through the following channels:

E-mail: cpd@cbn.gov.ng

Letter: Director, Consumer Protection Department

Central Business District, Abuja

Your letter of complaint should be addressed to the Director, Consumer Protection Department.

You can submit your letter at the CBN head office or at any of the CBN’s branches of nationwide.

Does the CPD deal with all types of complaints?

The CBN deals with all financial related complaints so far as they are against financial institutions within its regulatory purview.


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