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How to take Screenshot on your Android Phone – Screenshot on Android

How to take a Screenshot on your Android Phone – A lot of us now have various Smartphone and android phones but fine it hard to take screenshots on them. This guide covers how to Screenshot Android phone and this will enable you take captures of your phone screen. Although all Android phones are not same, and as such the button combinations to screenshot will differ slightly.

In any case, the difference lies in where the Home button is located and whether there is not hardware (physical) Home button. Having said, let’s get started.

How to take Screenshot on your Android Phone – Android Screenshot

The first thing to do is to observe your Android smartphone device to see if it has the hardware (physical) Home button as seen in some Samsung Galaxy mobile phone device.

The Home button is usually located on the bottom bezel of the phone device. So, if your Android phone has this physical Home button, then all you need do is press the Home button and the Power/Lock button at the same time and hold for few seconds.

This action will capture the phone screen for you and the screenshot will be saved in your phone storage automatically. The Power/Lock button is usually on the top-right side of the Android phone.

If your Android phone does not have the hardware Home button, (but instead replaced with Soft Key), then you will have to combine the Power/Lock button and the Volume Down button to achieve the same result.

Simply press the Power/lock button and the Volume Down button and hold for few seconds till the screenshot captures.

At first this may be a bit awkward because the both buttons are on the same right side of the device. But do not worry just with few more tries, you will start getting it right.

Taking Screenshots on Galaxy Devices Using Motions and Gestures

Samsung Galaxy devices come with an alternative method to taking screenshots using the “motion and gestures”. To do this, first of all go to Settings and select “motions and gestures” and then enable “Palm Swipe to Capture”.

When you have done this, all you need is simply swipe the side of your palm from left to right or from right to left just any time you want to take a screenshot.

This too can a bit clumsy at first, but with subsequent try perfects it for you.

Where to Find Your Screenshot Android Phone Images.

This very one has nothing to do with kind of device. No matter the device, once you capture a screenshot, you can always find the most recently take screenshots in your notification bar.

And if you clear your notification, you will find your screenshots in your mobile phone Gallery app or Google photos inside a folder called Screenshots.

From there you can do with the screenshots anything you can do with other of your normal photos such as sharing the screenshots or editing them. It’s time to put it into practice.


How to take a Screenshot on your Android Phone


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