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How to upgrade your GOtv Plus to GOtv Max and Make Online Payment -www.eazy.gotvafrica.com/en/ng/

Change from GOtv Plus to GOtv Max: This is a guide about how to upgrade your various GOtv packages from the GOtv Plus, GOtv Lite, and GOtv Value to the new kid in town, the GOtv Max. This will afford you to watch new existing channels that were recently added in areas of sports, entertainment and News. It will cost you a little more penny but it is worth it so follow the steps outline below to upgrade your old GOtv packages.

Last November 2017, the GOtv max was launch; this simply means consumers now have a serious choice to make in terms of the various packages.  Users now have the chance to watch selected live matches across all major leagues in the world.

About GOtv Entertainment

GOtv as you all know is the home of African television and they are committed to delivering family entertainment to Africa. GOtv provides the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa. There service is second to known and they have change digital television across the African continent.

Introducing the New GOtv Max – what the New package is all about?

The New kid in the block is the GOtv Max which was launch on the 1st of November 2017. It has an incredible 68 channels which will streamline live football channel that will show All of La Liga leagues for most football lovers. The price for the package is N3, 800 monthly. It will meet the basic needs of sports lovers and those who love foreign movies. Atleast five important channels have been added to take the total numbers of sports channels to five. Some of the newly added sports and movie channels can be found below;

  • Sonymax for movies
  • S Blitz for sports news
  • Supersports select for EPL, UCL, etc
  • Supersport select 2– varieties of sports events
  • Supersports select 3- wrestling, rugby and the likes
  • And finally, supersports select 4- content yet to be unveil

How to upgrade from GOtv plus to GOtv Mav step by step guide

This is how you can upgrade your GOtv Plus to GOtv Max if you so desire and this can be done out of your choice. You may still decide to stay with your GOtv Plus, GOtv Lite and GOtv Value. But for those who love the Spanish leagues and Foreign Movies and are able to afford it cost of N3, 800 can now move to a new package. So follow the steps below and upgrade.

Open the GOtv easy self service home page and login with your phone number, surname and IUC number

Check on your dashboard and follow the link on upgrade to GOtv Max. You will be asked to make a payment of N3, 800 to start enjoying the package. It’s that simple and easy. Cheers



  1. changa maywell says

    From Zambia and want to upgrade to Gotv max. I paid 140 kwacha on Thursday last week.

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