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NPower 2017-2018 Applicant Posting and Deployment | How to know your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

How to know your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA): After successfully being selected by the Npower team, you will now find your name on the Npower final selected list where you can now be seen as being part of the Npower volunteer corps. Please note that you have to update your personal information and place your bank account details. The next step is place of primary assignment where you will have to do your primary assignment. How do you know your place of primary assignment, here you will know about them all as you continue to read below.

The posting and deployment of 2017 Npower applicants to their various place of primary assignment will apply to each of the category of the Npower network which includes the Npower Teach, Npower Tax, Npower Health, Npower Agro. Those in the tax category have already been posted and deployed to their various places of primary assignment, while those of agro and health will be sent to various agricultural institutions. Those in the teach category will be sent to various educational institutions like primary or secondary schools within our rural communities.

NPower 2017-2018 Applicant Posting and Deployment

After the selection list, you must have updated your personal information on the NPVN so as to be able to receive your first stipends but this has to be done if you were successfully verified. Your posting and deployment will be communicated to all heads of institutions. An appointment letter will be sent to you and you will receive your first stipends by January of 2018.

Please note that you are to use the details used during the application of the Npower application process which commence in June 2017. What I meant here is your personal details like, your full names, email address, phone number and account details. Make sure this items matches each other at all times as any changes you made now, especially in your names, phone number and account details will affect the payment o your stipends.

 How to know your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

The place of primary assignment will differ for each Npower volunteers depending on the category you find yourself. The criteria used in the posting and deployment still uses the nearness of volunteers to their place of primary assignment using the address filled on their NPVN portal. To know where you have been posted, you have to successfully create and update your details on your NPVN page. Then contact your State Focal secretariat where it will be pasted according to each local Government area.

Immediately you see your place of primary assignment, you are to report and familiarizes self with your head of institution, where you are to submit your posting and deployment letter to him.

We will continue to keep you update on the next step as we welcome you into the Npower volunteer corps. Programme.



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