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Npower 2017 Beneficiaries Posting letter and How to know your Deployment Area

Npower 2017 Beneficiaries posting letter: This post is to educate the new npower intakes about their posting letter as well as their deployment areas. The present stage of profile update should be done by all npower beneficiaries as this will help in payment of stipends as well as where they will be posted to. This article is a must for each of them. so continue reading and share to friends.Npower 2017 Beneficiaries Posting letter and How to know your Deployment Area

The Npower Posting letter

The Npower pposting letter is like a gate pass welcoming you into the npower programme. It like an employment letter which clearly states you have been formally and officially admitted into the programme. It is a must for every npower 2017 final selected beneficiaries to have. So have you received yours?

 How to get your Npower posting letter

We will be talking about the Npower posting letter. Have you received your won? This is the main subject matter here as each one of you is now eager to know where he or she has been posted to. This post will tell you that the approve place is at the state npower offices across the federation. These letters are now with each state’s focal person for collection according to the local government areas in your state. So to get your npower posting letter, you must have completed the update of your profile on your NPVN profile page where you must fill in each of the necessary items required of you but most importantly your banking details. If these are not filled or filled incorrectly, your stipend may not come and that will create more problems for you.

The npower posting letter is like your acknowledgement or employment letter. It will state in clear terms what is require of you as a volunteer in the scheme and what is expected of you. Violation of these terms may lead to you been exited from the programme.

How to check your npower deployment area

Now you have been posted, I mean you have received your Npower Posting letter, the next thing is to find out and get familiarizes with the area you were posted to. I will advice you rush to the place where you have been assigned to and meet the head of the institution. This will create a synergy between you and your future firm.

To check your deployment areas, you have to view it in your posting letter or ask them at your state npower office. They have a list of all 2017 beneficiaries that have been assign to their places of deployment. This will give you a better understanding.

If you seek redeployment from the original area of deployment in your posting letter, then you have to immediately indicate to them at the office and the procedures for deployment will be given to you. A form will be given to you and you will be ask to fill and submit with a photocopy of your posting letter attach. It will take at least 7 working days for the redeployment request to be effected so you have to be patience.

As for the electronics device you have already selected during the examination process, it will be given to you in due course but meanwhile contribute your own quota to the betterment of the society you are posted to.

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Npower 2017 Beneficiaries posting letter


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