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Npower Batch B Devices Collection: How to pick up your N-Power Device @ www.npower.gov.ng

Npower Batch B Devices Collection is now available for 2016 batch b Npower Beneficiaries who were successfully shortlisted for the scheme. The Npower Batch B Devices Collection is basically for applicants who has undergo verification and are able to login and access his/her portal via online which means only N-power Volunteer are beneficiaries for the N-power device. Pick up your N-power Device here now!

N-power device for batch B

We have been receiving text messages concerning applicants who were unable to pick up their devices, here I will emphasis basically on Npower BATCH B Devices Collection, steps to pick up your N-power Device.

As we all known President Buhari’s administration extended an additional 4500 naira device credit to all Npower beneficiaries to ensure that any device you pick will have a minimal or zero impact on your regular 30,000 stipend. Recently the Federal Government of Nigeria entered into an Asset Finance agreement with the Bank of Industry, of which they will provide beneficiaries, devices that will serve them both as a work tool and training tool.

The device is free for all Npower VOLUNTEERS; Mtn is giving out one year free internet connectivity for beneficiaries who have their device already and activated.

Npower 2017-2018 Devices Collection is categorized in batch A and batch B

Batch A is for N-power beneficiaries who selected device on or before March 27th, 2017

While batch B is for N-power beneficiaries who selected device between March 27 and now, which has commenced nationwide?

Npower 2017-2018 Devices Collection, see below eight vendors preapproved by Bank of Industry to deliver the devices

  1. Brian N-power IPAD
  2. RLG Adulawo
  3. Afri –One
  4. Samsung Tab E
  5. Zinox Z Pad
  6. Techno Pad
  7. Floss Signatures
  8. Speedstar

Npower 2017-2018 Devices Collection, steps to pick up your N-power


Step 1

First you must receive a messaging from Npower team which will indicate venue to pick your device and time, rush to the exact location sent to you for pick up. When you have not received any text message for your device that means it is not yet ready to pick. Be calm it will reach you.

Step 2

Secondly step to your designated bank for BVN slip, it is required for all Npower Beneficiaries to come with their BVN slip to the collection centre with also, a valid ID and text message received from Npower, then keen in to instruction by the Npower team at the pickup venue.

Step 3

Finally visit the Npower batch B Devices Collection centre and present all the necessary documents required.

Make sure you are present at the venue for device pick up which correspond with the date sent to you.


Npower batch B Devices Collection, steps to pick up your N-power device


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