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Npower JULY 2018 Stipend and Matter Arising for 2017 Npower Beneficiaries

Npower JULY 2018 Stipends Payment: This post is coming at a time when most 2016 Npower volunteers are uncertain about their fate by the end of their volunteer scheme by November, 2018 but I guess this post will spur them up as arrangement have been concluded to pay all stipends at when due and address all lingering matters. Here I will explain in details and I enjoin you to read more and share to friends as you continue reading.

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Many have been wondering but the July 2018 stipend payments will be paid to all 2016 Npower volunteers without any issues on or before Wednesday, August 15th 2018. I have been giving correct days and time on any Npower issues and I guess www.valentine202.com was lucky to be counted among the lucky blogs to be approved to disseminate information, guides, step and tips on any npower issues.

Npower 2016 Delayed payment: Those owed backlogs

Please note that All 2016 Npower beneficiaries who had written to Npower through their support desk email address should be rest assured that each backlogs will be paid. Meanwhile those owed will receive their July 2018 monthly stipend payment.

Npower 2016 Delayed Stipends: Those on Payment hold

Those beneficiaries on hold should report to appropriate authorities in their respective states and do a written documentation stating why they were absent at the time of the Npower evaluation and monitoring team. Once a fit back is receive, and deem satisfactory, you will be remove from unhold and your payments sent to your bank account. Some beneficiaries who were later place on hold has started receiving their stipends.

Npower Build 2017: The Npower build beneficiaries

The Npower Build applicant should know that their programme is just a training guide and should Endeavour to learn the practical aspect of their programme seriously. Regular monthly payments of N10,000 will be paid to each beneficiary until the end of their programme. For those yet to receive, please login into your profile dashboard and check the banking details provided. Some set of 106 were recently graduated from our Abuja office of the progrmme. Many Npower Build will be existed from the scheme in the coming months.

 Npower 2017 Beneficiaries

This is the wave of the moment and I enjoin you to disseminate this information properly. The posting and deployment of this set of volunteers will have commenced and all posting letters should be stamped and signed before it can be uploaded on the NPVP portal.

Please note that all deployments and posting matters are issues handle by the various states focal persons. Issues of deployment should be sorted out at your respective states Npower offices. Stipends will only be made only after the deployments of applicants to their various places of primary assignment By August 31st 2018. Npower will not pay 2017 Npower beneficiaries from the January 2018 as widely speculated in some quarters, but from August 2018.

 How can I get an N Power Device?

-You must have the right verification logo before you can select a device
– If you have the logo, kindly log into the NPVN platform; npvn.npower.gov.ng and select a device of your choice.
– Communications regarding collection of the device would be sent across the appropriate channels

 How do I go about changing my PPA?

Kindly visit the National orientation agency in your local government through your community mobilization officer or your focal person, you will be provided with all information regarding redeployment from your current primary job placement.

 Npower July 2018 Stipends Payment and 2017 Npower Beneficiary issues



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