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Ways to Grow Traffic on Your Blog

Various simple ways to grow your new blog or existing blog abound so long you apply certain rules and principles. The key essence here is that you must be willing to devout much of your time and attention in attaining this goal. This post is in respect to my earlier article on How to grow your blog site I earlier publish. It also contain simple basic guide to also help in growing your blog and drive traffic.

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Travelling From Port-Harcourt to Lagos; A Safe Journey Guide

Travelling form the city of portharcourt to Nigeria commercial nerve centre of Lagos is always stressful and hectic considering the amount of time spent on the road as well as the many pot holes and obstacles one will encounter. The main fact here is getting a safe journey to destination point and here I want to tell you the very best ways to arrive early and safely off course.

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How to Grow Your Blog Site: A Simple Guide


How to grow your blog and attract huge traffic and follower ship has been a great concern to many bloggers and for you reading this blog now. I know you will be concerned now about trying to get traffic and grow your site but that task is not always that easy. I know you may read so many post online about getting traffic and growing your blog but here in this post I will give you a detail guide and simple procedure to assist you grow that blog of yours and get the desired number of traffic.

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How to Refill Your Printer Ink Cartridges;A simple step

How to refill your printer ink cartridges has always been a lot of messy job for you, especially after buying that new printer and the ink run dry, you need to refill and you are stuck should I get a new one or refill? Those questions will bubble in your mind for some seconds. Refilling your ink cartridges is easy and I want to show you how it is been done. Printer Cartridges are surprisingly costly. As a way out, you can get it refilled at a store or at home. The cheapest and effective alternative though is to refill it yourself. All it takes is a bottle of printer-ink and a syringe.

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THE AFRICAN WILD CATS;who is the strongest

The African wild cats, who is the strongest? I know this post will come as a surprise to you but I and my team did a thorough research on the above topic and deem it fit to write it here for you. The African wild cats (i.e Lion, Hyena, Leopards and Cheetah) should not be confused with the African wild cat popularly found in Kenya, Egypt and Botswana. They are also found throughout the sub region in all habitats in the world except in the desert. Here we are talking about the wild cats’ family of old which comprises of these four greats cats. Do you know there is a rivalry between theses four wild cats? Do you also know that the cheetah (land fastest mammal) is not even the main strong opponent here.dont be surprise the Lion may not stand a chance here to be the strongest wild African cats.

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A copy of Nigerian Banks Sort codes

The Nigeria bank sort code is a list of codes assign to various branches or regional areas of the various bank divisions in the country so as to different and ease the smooth operations of banking transactions. here i have listed the various codes below

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The history of the Ancient Town of Gaanda

The history of the ancient town: The history of the ancient town of Gaanda has been hidden for years until when the mandatory National youth service scheme took me to serve my fatherland in this quiet but peaceful community.it was fun and i bet you will also share your experience here

No one will believe that this little peaceful village called Gaanda ever existed. God in his infinite wisdom created beautiful site scenes in Gaanda and made rocks and stones abound every where. Infact, when we arrive we called Gaanda the LAND OF STONES!

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Nigeria States Slogan and theme meaning

nigeria_mapThe Nigerian states slogan is a collection of names given to states in the federal republic of Nigeria. those names could be trace to cultural links to the various states, tribes and languages spoken in the area. here i have compile a list of the states popular slogans in Nigeria.

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How To Opt Out From Mtnplay Unsubscribe Messages

How To Opt Out From Mtnplay Unsubscribe Messages: This post is  about MTNplay subscription.

Are you tired of certain amount deducted from you airtime balance say daily or weekly each time you load your cell phone or have little airtime in your phones? That ₦50 deducted from your phone account every week without your consent can be very annoying sometimes, most especially when you don’t have much. You may not be aware that you have been subscribing to such plan but one thing you should know about it is that MTN PLAY is automatically activated once you migrate to MTN pulse.

MTN Play provides customers with lifestyle-based content that includes exciting categories such as Music, Sports, News and Info, Applications, Entertainment, Dating, Love, Religion, Naughty, My Phone as well as various Streaming Services. sometimes we may be tired from receiving this messages and wish to opt out but don’t know how, not to worry here I will show you how you can opt-out or unsubscribe from MTN Play and stop MTN from deducting your credit always and sending some latest news, sports, etc which you don’t even need.

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How to Manage Your Laptop Battery;preservation and Long life

How to Manage Your Laptop Battery; This post is how to manage your Laptop battery and was updated today Dec 6, 2017.

Many people have always complained about the life or longetivity of their laptop batteries with varying degree of success. The length of time your laptop can last depends on the manner it is being handle. Here in this post I will tell you the various ways which are so simple for you to preserve your laptop battery and manage it effectively. Don’t forget that a battery is a hardware component that supplies power to a device, enabling that device to work without a cord. It can be rechargeable or non rechargeable ones.

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