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Indian authorities struggle to retrieve US missionary feared killed on remote island

Authorities have started the arduous task of trying to retrieve a US missionary feared killed on a remote Indian island, careful not to trigger conflict with the islanders. John Allen Chau was last seen last week when he traveled to the forbidden North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal to try to convert the island’s residents to Christianity. The Sentinelese, as they are known, have a decades-long history of repelling outsiders, a fact that is near certain to make the journey to find Chau a treacherous one.

john death in sentinelese island

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SENTINELESE-The Dangerous Tribe That Is Isolated From The World

SENTINELESE-The Dangerous Tribe That Is Isolated From The World: At a time when human contact and fellowship is said to lengthen the lifespan, there is a tribe in the tiny North Sentinel Island of Andaman and Nicobar in the Indian Ocean that is devoid of modern human contact. While the world has moved on to technology, these hunters and gatherers have never practised agriculture.But who are this people and where can we see or locate them? Find out more as you read below.

Sentinelese tribe

       North Sentinel Island. Photo: ofthebox

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