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Ways of Avoiding Crowds at Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Locations in Nigeria

Automated Teller Machine  issues: Ways of avoiding crowds at Automated Teller Machine popularly called ATM in Nigeria has continued to be a headache especially as the festive season draw near. You may be eager to withdraw your funds from the bank or at the ATM but due to the ever increasing crowds at the various locations of the ATM across the country you will find it hard to withdraw. Nevertheless, I have outline some simple ways for you to follow in order to avoid that crowd at the ATM this period.

You may be surprised what that machine that brings out your money out each time you press a button pays you. While, an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), also known as a cash machine is an electronic telecommunications device that enables the customers of a financial institution to perform financial transactions, especially cash withdrawal, without the need for a cashier, bank teller or a clerk in the bank.

What really surprise me and what may come as a surprise to you is that according to the ATM industry Association (ATMIA), there are now close to 3 million cash machines installed worldwide. Using an ATM, customers like you and I can access their bank deposit or credit accounts in order to make a variety of transactions such as cash withdrawals, check their balances, or credit their mobile phones. So you can see that the ATM has a lot of importance.


Do you know that Automated Teller Machine, ATM was first introduced by City Bank of New York in 1961 on a trial basis. This allowed financial institutions to provide their customers with a convenient ways, round the clock to make payments without physically being present.

Technology is constantly changing and the ATM is being design to make customers have a wonderful experience while making use of the ATM’s around their various locations.


In Nigeria as country with the largest population and Africa largest economy, the use of the Automated Teller Machine,(ATM) was first introduced in 1989 by the defunct bank once known as Societe Generale Bank, since them various ATMs have been install across various locations in the country. The banking sector consolidation of 2004 also helps in spearheading the revolution of ATMs in the country. This has indeed help the nation economy but the ever increasing crowds notice at the various locations has now become a source of worry. How do you think you can overcome this? I know it’s so stressful but you can avoid the crowd and easily withdraw your fund and here I will tell you.


The main issue that pushes out the huge crowds we now see in the ATMs across the country was the irresponsible banking policy enacted by the Central Bank of Nigeria which stipulates that all withdrawals of N50, 000 below should be done only at the ATM, thus forcing all customers of commercial banks to request for an ATM card. So many average Nigerian citizen withdraws above N50, 000 daily or weekly from is account? That was the policy that push up the crowds and this will last long I guess.

To avoid the crowds at the various ATMs in the country, please follow this simple ways;

  1. Don’t put all your funds in the account again. I know this will sound as if I am discouraging you from saving but what is the point of depositing say N10, 000 and you come the next week to withdraw in, not only withdrawing but meeting huge crowds. So save it at home.
  2. Make it to the ATM as early as possible, this will sound as wow but that’s the truth. Before going to the ATM please plan yourself and make sure you are there on time and please when at the ATM, be mindful of self and don’t talk much to anyone. The ATM is not a place of making new friends or hanging out.
  3. Reserve spare funds that will carry you for say a week or so. This will help you to avoid visiting the ATM for a long time. Learn how to manage your funds and plan how you spend them adequately.
  4. Register for mobile money on online payments. This will aid you a lot and save you so many hustles. Payments can be done anywhere by you to offset so many bills.


While reading this post don’t visit the ATM at nights or odd hours, make sure the ATM you are withdrawing is located in a safe open place and be mindful of persons around the ATM while you are about to withdraw. Don’t give any one your card pin or give anyone your pin to withdraw for you. And most importantly I had a little experience with this one, please at the ATM locations; don’t allow anyone to tell you should transfer funds to your account using his or her mobile phone to give you physical cash. You may not be credited or debited at one and you may think its network that the alert will come sooner but behold it may be reverse and your fund is gone. So be mindful and plan your ways properly this period. Cheers.



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