NORTH KOREA VS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: All You Need To Know About North Korea, Asia New Nuclear State.

North Korea has threatened the United States with devastating missiles strike in the case of any hostile between both nations but is that possible. It has repeatedly violated UN sanctions and went ahead in production of nuclear and ballistic missiles capable of reaching far distance even in US territories. But can the North strike the US?

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How to Successfully Write Your 2017 N-Teach Assessment Test Online – Check Here Now.

The 2017 N-Teach online Assessment test for all those who submitted online application between June – July 2017 has started. So many candidates have experience mistakes and errors, while some don’t know that the N-Power assessment test is not only 11 questions but has now been added two extra questions to take the combine total to 33 questions. How do you go about it and how do you want to be sure that you will be pre-selected? Here you will be told how to successfully write the N-Teach assessment test online and be sure to be pre-selected.

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2017 N-POWER Teach New Assessment Test Question for All Candidates – Click Here

The 2017 N-power Teach Assessment Test has started and the test online question has been change to accommodate more questions. Previous N-power Teach Assessment test were also done online but only 11 questions under 20minutes of which a device selection space is provided, but now the whole test questions formats has been modified to accommodate more question and more area which are computer incline, what is the new questions and how does this format look like? Please read more to find out below.

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NIIT Scholarship Examination Shortlisted Successful List of Candidates – Check Here

The list of successful candidates, who sat for The 18th NIIT Scholarship Examination for 2017 across the various examination venues and towns in the country on Saturday 15th July, 2017 has been released.

[Read more…] General Information about 2017 N-Power Teach Assessment Test for all candidates

This is a General Information to all candidates that applied for the 2017 N-Power Teach programme. It will be a guide to the N-Power Teach Assessment test as well as other information you need to know about it. So many sisters’ websites and blogs may have said many things about N-power application, N-power Assessment Test, N-power Stipends Payment, but here you get the very best direct from the N-Power Team. so read below;

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2017 Nigerian Immigration Service Job Recruitment past Examination Questions and Answers- See full Details Here

The 2017 Nigerian Immigration Service Job Recruitment past Examination Questions And Answers can be a source of guide for you to prepare for the forth coming Immigration service screening which will be done online in two batches. Here I have detail some of the examination past questions and answers that you will expect from the immigration examination panel and I hope you find them useful.

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N-POWER TAX/VAIDS Pre-Selection and Physical Verification Process – SEE DETAILS HERE

This is to inform all candidates who applied for the 2017 N-power TAX/VAIDS that the pre-selection and screening process has commenced across all the 36 states of the federation. The aim of the exercise is to select a total number of 7,500 qualified N-Tax Volunteers, who will undertake the work of tax administrators in the country, but what is the N-Power Tax and how is the pre-selection exercise look like; here I will explain further to you.

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How to Upload Your WAEC/NECO Result Details on Your JAMB Profile Portal

This is to inform all jamb candidates who sat for the JAMB UTME for 2017 that they can now go and upload their West African Senior School Certificate Result in their jamb examination profile account created so as to be eligible for the 2017/2018 Universities admission. But how do you follow this process, here I will explain to you what to do and how you can upload the result easily.


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Internet Connectivity: Nigeria now ranks eight in global Internet growth – Google

The emergence of the internet in the Nigeria market has taken a new dimension in Nigeria as the country has hit a all time high of 91 million internet users across the country, making it to rank first in Africa and eight in the world in terms of internet growth. The piece of information is coming from the internet search engine giant, Google. But how will this have any impact in the country especially in a time most people are crying “Recession’. Indeed Nigeria has the potential to grow into a greater nation.

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