See a Village in Africa where only Women live - Men are ban from living there

Have you heard ever of these before that there is a place in the world where men are not allowed to stay or reside? This is too goos to be true as there is a place in Africa where only Women are allowed to live and reside, men are banned from this place. That's the interesting tales am about to narrate to you here as we dive into details of this fascinating place below.

See a Village in Africa where only Women live - Men are ban from living there

This place am about to tell you started as a small community of rejected and depressed women thrown and kicked out by there husband's and family members to grow into a Village. You may never have seen or read this but i will explain to you, all about this place and where you will find it.

The name of this place where only women lives is called Umoja. It is a village, in the graceland of Samburu, Northern Kenya. This village was founded in 1990 by 15 women who were raped by British soldiers. The population of the have now grown from the initial 15 people to include women escaping Child Marriage, FGM- female genital mutilation, domestic violence and rape. All of which are cultural norms of the people of Samburu.

You may say wonderful, but are you getting surprise? But you may ask why did this women leave there husband's houses or family to come stay in Umoja? Where they victims of circumstances or what? Some of these women who were rape survivors say their husband's accused them of bringing dishonour to their families and kicked them out. They have no place to go or run to as the entire community also rejected them.

They had no place to go, so they found a piece of land and settled in it to start life all over again. They name this place, the land of Umoja!

Men are permitted to visit the village,but not allowed to live in Umoja.

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Do you know also that a lady known as Rebecca Lolosoli founded this vilage and she is the village matriach. She was in the hospital recovering from a beating by a group of men when she came up with the idea of women-only community. The beating was an attempt to teach her a lesson when she dare spoke against the many injustices melted on women in the community.

 Funny enough this 15 women who started Umoja village manage to survived. There are currently 78 Women and 256 Children in Umoja. Although they live extremely frugally, these women and girls earn a regular income that provides food, clothing and shelter for all.

Another interesting fact to note about Umoja is the number of visitors and tourist it attracts yearly. People are fascinated to come and see this place. The women charges a modest entrance fee and hope that, once in the villlage the visitors will buy jewelleries made by the women in the craft centre. What a business idea you will say.

Jewelry and artisan work has been the axis of Umoja women social-economic activities. They kept some livestock such as goats and cattle, but due to local insecurity, they lost them all. The women also run a curio shop in the village where tourists buy from when they visit.

Lastly this village has grown in size and fame. Didn't i say a place like this exists  and its in Kenya. You can check it out if you plan a vacation to Africa this year. You saw all of this here, so how do you rate this article?

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