See the most Stingy Woman in the World Late Hetty Green

Most people may never heard of this but Mrs Hetty Green was real and was born in America. She is the most stingy woman in the world and also know as the "Witch of Wall Street". Upon her death on July 3, 1916, she was heralded by the press as "the wealthiest woman in the world," with her estate estimated at over $100 million. See more about Mrs Hetty Green below.

See the most Stingy Woman in the World Late Hetty Green

Hetty Green born November 21, 1834 and died on July 3, 1916 was an American Businesswoman and financiar known as "the richest woman in America" during the Gilded Age.

Those who knew her well referred to her admirably as the "Queen of Wall Street" due to her willingness to lend freely and at reasonable interest rates to financials and city governments during financial panics. 

Her extraordinary discipline during such times enable her to amass a fortune as a financier at a time when nearly all major financiers were men.

Hetty Green was the only daughter of a wealthy Businessman. She inherited from her father a fortune estimated at $7.5 million. When she was twenty-one years old, she moved to live in New York to invest her money in Wall Street and was called the Wicked Witch of Wall Street. 

Green's achievements in investing were unmatched during her era. In a period of 51 years, she took an inheritance recieved in 1865, estimated to be between $5 million and $10 million, and grew it to a sum equivalent to over $2.5 billion in today's dollar rates!

Her life was not without controversy, including sensational stories about her personal life and legal battles over family wills. Green passed away in July 1916, with her estate estimated at around $100 million, though the exact value remained a mystery due to the absence of an estate inventory in her will.


She married a millionaire like herself, but still lived on leftover cakes and broken biscuits in grocery stores and argue to get  a free bone for her dog everyday! She was indeed a very miserable woman. She sewed underpants when she was 16 years old and did not change them or buy others until the day of her death. 

She never spent a penny, so it was said that she never used hot water, that she wore a black dress that she did not change until it was completely worn out, and that she lived on eating a pie that cost only two cents. 

Hetty caused her son to amputate his leg because when he was broke, she delayed treating it because she insisted not to spend no moneh and kept looking for free medical attention. 

Hetty Greene died in 1916 at the age of 81 in New York City, and was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "most stingy person in the world."

The cause of her death was a stroke due to a quarrel with her maid because the maid asked for an increase in her meager salary.

Finally, Mrs Hetty Green died and left behind a huge fortune. Her Children did nòt inherit her extreme stingyness, but rather they were generous to the point that her daughter built a free hospital with her money!

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