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How to Manage Your Laptop; The Seven Best Ways

How to manage your laptop could be a different ball game for you when you don’t know that as a machine tool it may malfunction someday if not properly handle. The world is now in it golden age of technology where every gadget or item is modernize to fit modern man and make it easy for its users to be on the go.

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How To Opt Out From Mtnplay Unsubscribe Messages

How To Opt Out From Mtnplay Unsubscribe Messages: This post is  about MTNplay subscription.

Are you tired of certain amount deducted from you airtime balance say daily or weekly each time you load your cell phone or have little airtime in your phones? That ₦50 deducted from your phone account every week without your consent can be very annoying sometimes, most especially when you don’t have much. You may not be aware that you have been subscribing to such plan but one thing you should know about it is that MTN PLAY is automatically activated once you migrate to MTN pulse.

MTN Play provides customers with lifestyle-based content that includes exciting categories such as Music, Sports, News and Info, Applications, Entertainment, Dating, Love, Religion, Naughty, My Phone as well as various Streaming Services. sometimes we may be tired from receiving this messages and wish to opt out but don’t know how, not to worry here I will show you how you can opt-out or unsubscribe from MTN Play and stop MTN from deducting your credit always and sending some latest news, sports, etc which you don’t even need.

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How to Manage Your Laptop Battery;preservation and Long life

How to Manage Your Laptop Battery; This post is how to manage your Laptop battery and was updated today Dec 6, 2017.

Many people have always complained about the life or longetivity of their laptop batteries with varying degree of success. The length of time your laptop can last depends on the manner it is being handle. Here in this post I will tell you the various ways which are so simple for you to preserve your laptop battery and manage it effectively. Don’t forget that a battery is a hardware component that supplies power to a device, enabling that device to work without a cord. It can be rechargeable or non rechargeable ones.

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