Oleksandr Usyk beats Tyson Fury to win Undisputed Heavyweight Fight

Do you know that the heavyweight boxing division came alive last night when Oleksandr Usyk beats Tyson Fury to win Undisputed Heavyweight championship Fight by split decision to unify the WBA, WBO, WBC and IBF world titles. See more details below as you read.

Oleksandr Usyk beats Tyson Fury to win Undisputed Heavyweight Fight

Do you also know that Fury and Usyk were fighting at the Kingdom Arena in Ruyad, Saudi Arabia to decide the first undisputed world heavyweight championship fight in 25 years, the first of the four-belt era. This historic win by Usyk is the first since Lennox Lewis.

The fight momentum switched in an astonishing ninth round when Usyk seemingly had Fury out on his feet. The Ukrainian smashed a left hook into Fury’s jaw. It shook him all the way through hos 6ft 9in tall frame and had him rocking across the ring.

Usyk harried him with further crunching shots, smacking fury into one set of ropes then another. Fury listed into the strands. He could barely stand and leaned into the rigging.

Tyson Fury made his way to the ring through a tunnel of flames to face Oleksandr Usyk.

Referee Mark Nelson darted in then and administered a 10 count, apparently convinced that the ropes had kept Fury up. It could have been a fateful decision. The bell rang to end the round and save Fury from another onslaught.

At the start of the fight, Fury had appeared dialed into the best form we have seen from him for some time.

Despite the importance of this fight, the historic nature of the occasion, fury was showboating, early in the fight too. He shimmied his body when stood in a corner in the first round, slipping his head from side to side.

For a moment in the second round he hid his hands behind his back. But it was his long, flickering jab that was connecting, just directing Usyk’s attention away from that right that Fury dug occasionally to the body.

He ended the second round with a cracking right uppercut through the middle that prompted a smile from Fury.

Usyk had shown no sign of being intimidated by his vast opponent. He had sent a thumping left cross arching over to catch fury’s head in the opening rounds. Solid straight shots hit Fury’s long body too.

Usyk tracked forward in the third round, as chants of his name rang out.


Fury stayed elusive in the fourth round, sliding along the ropes. But when Usyk had him in a corner, the Ukrainian unleashed his punches forcing Fury to weave away from them.

The undisputed heavyweight clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk attracted stars from around the world Cristiano Ronaldo and Anthony Joshua.

Fury was in the ascendancy in the seventh round, going about his work with an expression of glee. Only right at the end of the round, when Usyk tagged him with his left cross did he sound a note of defiance to remind Fury he was up.

The decision was split, 114-113 to Fury on one card but in Usyk’s favour 115-112 and 114-113 on the other two.

Boxing has been waiting 25 years to crown a new undisputed world heavyweight champion since the heady days’ of Lewis’ reign. Fury and Usyk had amassed all the major world titles between them and were fighting finally to decide the first undisputed heavyweight king of the four-belt era.

The New undisputed world heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk says he is ready for a rematch with Tyson Fury after the Ukrainian recorded an impressive win over his British foe.

With the win, Usyk took the WBC belt from Fury to add to his WBA, WBO, and IBF collection. The 37 year-old remains unbeaten and is the first boxer in almost 25 years to stand tall as the sport’s sole heavyweight world champion.

Speaking after the fight, Usyk said he was ready to fight Fury, who suffered his first loss in a 16- year professional boxing career.

We have got a new mandatory challenger

A rematch may already have been announced by a desperate Tyson Fury after his defeat but we have another heavyweight in the title frame now.

After defeating Frank Sanchez with a body shot stoppage in round seven, Agit Kabayel is now mandatory for the WBC title.

Anthony Joshua, sat ringside tonight, may have something to say about that though – once Fury has a second crack at Usyk.

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